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About Tohid Foundation

Tohid Foundation Inc. is an independent not for profit organization based in Melbourne, Australia. Tohid Foundation is registered with an Australian Business Number (ABN) of 47 720 636 327.

The establishment of Tohid Foundation is routed back to 2004 when a group of Iranian students and residents formed community gatherings. The aim of the gatherings was to improve interactions amongst the Iranian community and prevent social exclusion when encountered the western way of life. The meetings soon became a base to exchange ideas and resolve individual’s problems. With an increase in the number of Iranian temporary and permanent migrants in the next five years, the community developed a need in enhancing the level of its activities. Students, as the leading force of the community, decided to establish an organization to systematically serve the new needs. At the same period, there was a dramatic increase in the number of Afghan and Iraqi settlers in Melbourne. The cultural ties of Iran and its neighboring countries was another motivation for an organized activity. Tohid Foundation was officially established in 2009 as a non-profit organization. This foundation is aimed at strengthening the internal bonds of its members as well as managing the interactions to the wider society.

We believe in one Creator, one Sustainer, and one Lord for the heavens and the earth. The foundation is therefore named Tohid. We invite all members of the Australian community and all believers in this ideology to our programs. We know the concept of Tohid as the true meaning of life, the pathway toward eternal happiness, and the alchemist of success.

Our objectives include but not limited to

– Assist the members of the community by organizing and promoting educational, social, and cultural activities.
– Enrich the multicultural society of Australia, focusing on Iranian cultural heritage.
– Promote peace and the spirit of unity and brotherhood among Australian inhabitants.
– Provide financial assistance and voluntary services on humanitarian grounds to the needy people inside Australia or overseas.
– Improve bilateral communication between Iran and Australia on cultural and religious issues including an exchange of scholars, cultural tourism, and study groups.

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